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About Us

After over 15 years of attending hundreds of foreign clients and successfully helping them to complete transactions on Costa del Sol, I have built a comprehensive network of contacts with builders, promotors, lawyers, local administrations and other Real Estate agencies. I have also learned a lot about different clients´ expectations and what it takes to create the best possible experience for you as a foreign buyer on Costa del Sol – these are the reasons why I have decided to create my own Real Estate agency.

Our mission is: To find your ideal property – which means that we will do our outmost to find the property you want – not try to sell you what we want. Therefore, we are happy to collaborate with other agencies and prepared to earn less in order to do what is right for you.

In the process of finding your ideal property we aim to provide a great experience through the whole purchasing process and also after you have bought your property. Our additional services include helping you to find trustworthy service companies to make sure that your everyday needs are completely catered for, so that you can concentrate on enjoying life on Costa del Sol. We know that our business relies on us providing you with the most dedicated and personalized attention and we are truly passionate about achieving this.

I am looking forward to seeing you here soon. – Ana Martinez, Owner & CEO