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About Us

After over 15 years of attending hundreds of foreign clients and successfully helping them to complete transactions on Costa del Sol, I have built a comprehensive network of contacts with builders, promotors, lawyers, local administrations and other Real Estate agencies. I have also learned a lot about different clients´ expectations and what it takes to create the best possible experience for you as a foreign buyer on Costa del Sol – these are the reasons why I have decided to create my own Real Estate agency.

The fact that part of my family is Danish, together with having a large client network from the Nordic countries it was a natural choice to target the Scandinavian countries as our main markets. I have become so used to working with Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish clients, that I am actually starting to feel a bit Scandinavian myself.

To be able to give you the best possible experience I rely on my team that does not only have experience from Real Estate on Costa del Sol, but also from working in different customer service roles for some of the world’s most important companies in 6 different countries. We attend you in English, Spanish, Swedish and some Norwegian and Danish, most importantly we can help you to find a law firm that can attend you in your native language.

Our mission is: To find your ideal property – which means that we will do our outmost to find the property you want – not try to sell you what we want. Therefore, we are happy to collaborate with other agencies and prepared to earn less in order to do what is right for you.

In the process of finding your ideal property we aim to provide a great experience through the whole purchasing process and also after you have bought your property. Our additional services include helping you to find trustworthy service companies to make sure that your everyday needs are completely catered for, so that you can concentrate on enjoying life on Costa del Sol. We know that our business relies on us providing you with the most dedicated and personalized attention and we are truly passionate about achieving this.

Other important goals for us are; to provide you with the most updated information, always have your best interest in mind and of course that you will be satisfied with your purchase and recommend us to family and friends.

To achieve our goals, we rely on our guiding stars:

        Honesty              Integrity               Transparency

We are a small company that take pride in keeping our costs low so we rely a lot on our local networks and selected collaborators, in order to provide the most efficient service and make the most of your time when on viewings. In line with this philosophy, our office is located well away from the expensive addresses in Marbella, above street level and we attend only by appointment. This way we avoid the traffic of clients and vendors from the street, so that we can dedicate ourselves completely to you. The team are well-accomplished and professional freelances who work from home most of the time, again to keep costs low, but this also makes our collaborators with higher levels of motivation, energy and dedication to each client.

Being efficient does not mean absence of service, we are still happy to pick you up at the airport, show you areas and not only properties, take you to your lawyer and just about anything that can make your buying experience 100% satisfactory.

Trying to be as efficient as possible and keeping our cost low means that we do not need to put you under any pressure to buy. We will not even make you give us your phone number as we know that many clients get too many unwanted calls from agents.

We are also part of the multi-listing system on Costa del Sol, that means that we have access to all properties on the market. This is a great advantage for you as a client as you do not need to waste time with several agencies, you only need one agent – and we of course hope that you have chosen us to be your preferred agency to find your ideal property on Costa del Sol.

I am looking forward to seeing you here soon. – Ana Martinez, Owner & CEO